Social Issue- Identity/Self Concept

In groups, you will complete the following (10-15 minutes):
1. Read the text.
2. Discuss the main points as a group.
3. Write a summary of what you read.
4. Answer the following questions (when applicable) about the character(s):
  • What do we know about the character?
  • How is the character feeling at this point in the text? Why?
  • What do his/her actions say about who the character really is?
  • What pressures does the character face? How does he/she respond?

One person will then present their information to the class (1-2 minutes). During each preseantation, please think about and be prepared to discuss the following questions with your group:
  • Has something like this happened in your life?
  • Do we see this in the world around us?
  • In what ways does this connect to the classroom, home, community, and/or world?
  • What message could you take away?